Recent Retirements

Seamus Kelly retired on 30th September and a small, but highly efficient committee, organised a very enjoyable evening in Byrne's pub where Seamus was joined by colleagues past and present, all there to wish him a long and happy retirement. Seamus's family were present and plenty of reminiscing took place. Bob Mckiernan,  Head of  the School of Informatics and Creative media  wished Seamus well and Gerry Gallagher,  who shared an office with Seamus in recent years,  paid tribute to Seamus for his outstanding service to teaching over 39 years.  So famous was Seamus's teaching that the Erasmus students would arrive on campus and ask where was Seamus Kelly!

Hot on Seamus's  retirement heels was Gerry Cluskey who also retired on the same day! Peter Carolan had retired earlier in the summer while Gerry Woods claims the distinction of being the most recent retiree. The Engineering School organised an event for the three engineers on 28th of October- that is Peter and the two Gerrys. Eugene Roe paid tribute to them for their years of service. He mentioned that he owes his own fortunes to Peter who set him on his way on an Anco course and subsequently when Eugene arrived at the college as a student,  the same one and only Peter Carolan was there to welcome him. Peter set very high standards and frequently over the years, students returned to DkIT  to thank Peter personally for providing with the fundamentals to allow them progress in their careers. Eugene also thanked Gerry Woods for his service and acknowledged his service as an active member of the TUI. Gerry himself  was one of the first students through the door of the college in 1969. Gerry Cluskey was also thanked for service and Eugene mentioned Gerry's broad range of teaching over the years where Gerry taught on various courses.  Finally we wish all the retirees  of the recent past well.

Picture below; Left to right. back Row,  Bridget Conlon, Brendan Ryder, Seamus kelly, Maura  Ryan, Gerry Gallagher, Front row; Mary Mckenna and Fiona Lawless.

Photo 2;Gerry Cluskey and Peter Carolan

Photo 3. Gerry Woods.

Photo 4. Seamus kelly and family.

Photo 5.  Seamus's harem! Dolores mcGill, Seamus kelly, Mary Mckenna and Bridget Conlon