DkIT needs You! - Vote for the Great Northern Haven

The Great Northern Haven has been shortlisted for Engineering Ireland Excellence Awards 2011.

We are thrilled that Great Northern Haven, Dundalk has been short-listed for the Engineering Ireland Excellence Awards. Public voting decides the winning project and we are asking for your support. Please click here and follow the link to cast your vote and send a message out that Louth isIreland's first and foremost age-friendly county.

This is a wonderful acknowledgement for the project as these awards showcase projects that positively influence society through feats of engineering. The Great Northern Haven apartments enable older residents to live independently and comfortably in their own homes, and have a huge influence on contemporary research into ageing well in Ireland. These homes provide a new model for independent living and will positively inform national policy in relation to services for older people.

Voting closes at midnight on Thursday November 3.

 About Great Northern Haven; 16 Ambient Assisted Living Smart Homes

A unique collaboration between the Louth Local Authorities, local Health Service Executive, industry partners, research & development and the older residents. This demonstration project for independent living uses sensor technologies in a community and research context. This is a flagship project for County Louth as Ireland's first 'Age-Friendly' County and for the Netwell & CASALA research centres at the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Great Northern Haven is a purpose-built development of 16 smart apartments constructed specifically for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications. Fifteen of the apartments are occupied by older residents who are actively involved on research projects and the last apartment is maintained as a demonstration and transitional unit.

The Netwell Centre set up an ageing-in-place research project to exam the impact of the housing on older peoples quality of life, while CASALA manages the technology, collates the data and adapts the systems to meet the unique needs on individual occupants.

A wide and rich data set is continuously being gathered from Great Northern Haven, from consenting residents, internally within the apartments and from the grounds of the development. Each apartment has 100+ sensors, connected TV's, touch screen devices and a core network infrastructure throughout. In total there are over two thousand (2000) sensors and actuators throughout the development.

The project seeks to enhance the quality of life of older people through ambient assisted living (AAL) technologies, using the best of sensor and healthcare technologies currently available and as part of a living lab for new technologies and services developed through research collaborations. On going research at Great Northern Haven will inform national policy and provide international experience in relation to services for older people, and has a wide range of potential commercial applications.

CASALA is actively seeking commercial and applied research engagements with commercial and non-commercial organisations and other researchers, interested in technology and ageing;