The Vinny Duffy fencing competition

DKIT Fencing Club hosted their annual Sabre only fencing competition The Vinnie Duffy on the 15th of October in the PJ Carrolls Building in the DKIT. The Competition was organised by the Fencing Club committee consisting of Niall Kearns the Club Secretary, Carrie Mc Eneaney the Club President and Alexandra Lolies the Team Captain along with the help from the Fenicng Coaches Marcos Simpson and John Mc Cabe. Students from different parts of the country attended the competition and it was a great day had by all. In the Woman's Sabre competition, 3rd place was shared by our own Carrie Mc Eneaney and Alexandra Lolies, 2nd place was Liz Fitzgerald from Trinity College Dublin and 1st place was Niamh Spence from Foyle Derry. In the men's sabre competition, 3rd place was one of the clubs former members Glenn Maguire and Julian Hayes from Salle Dublin, 2nd place was James Nicholl and 1st place was Richard Magee both from Foyle Derry. DKIT Fencing Club offer a big congratulation to all who got placed and to all who took part in the competition also a thank you to the staff of the clubs and societies office and the Care Taker staff of DKIT also for all their help and support in the organisation of the competition.

DKIT Fencing Club was set up in 2006 and up until last year the numbers in members had decreased significantly due to students graduating and leaving the club. The 2011-2012 committee are working extremely hard to maintain the club so a huge effort has been made with advertisement of the club within the college and making sure the clubs and societies sign up day in the college was a success along with focusing on our studies as the committee are all in full time education in DKIT. On the club's first meeting 25 members who were excited and interested about the sport joined the club and the numbers have been consistent since then. As the Club President I am optimistic about the DKIT Fencing Clubs future and the committee will share their knowledge with our new members so they can take over the committee next year when this year's committee is finished and hopefully they will keep the club going that we have revived and for years to come.

Carrie Mc Eneaney

DKIT Fencing Club President 2011-2012

Student Psychiatric Nurse