The evolution of the DkITimes

DkITimes is DkIT's weekly newspaper founded and edited by Angela Short, lecturer in the School of Business and Humanities. The newspaper was started in an attempt to find a way to communicate all the happenings on campus to the 6000+ campus community. The idea came to Angela after she had returned from a five year career break and was struck by how much the campus had grown making the sharing of information between staff, students departments and schools challenging. What started out as a one page newssheet in 2005 has developed over the past five years with 30 plus issues being produced each academic year. As the interest in the newspaper grew, Margaret Clarke, now Assistant Editor approached Angela offering her services to the paper on a voluntary basis, something that allowed the paper to develop over the years. Margaret's husband Andrew, a technician in the IT department , was equally enthusiastic about the paper and was constantly willing to assist on all matters technical. Early on in the paper's development Maths lecturer and avid historian Seamus Bellew offered his considerable talents to the paper also, submitting articles on times past, providing the context for the many changes that were taking place. Seamus was always ready camera in hand to attend any retirement functions for staff to capture for posterity the moments when retiring colleagues were honoured for their service and his searching interviews with the same retirees provided the readers over the years with insights that would otherwise have been lost.

In the last couple of weeks the DKiTimes has gone completely digital and now has its own dedicated website, the link to which is available on the main DKIT website. The move accompanied with the now almost mandatory social media facebook and twitter links, will allow the wider community to look inside the DkIT campus from the comfort of their own homes. The online paper can be found at

Commenting on the development of the paper over the years Angela said, " it is tremendously satisfying to see how the newspaper has become part of DkIT life, and there is a huge sense of satisfaction as I sign off on each issue and send the link out to staff and students. Setting up and running the paper has been a wonderful learning experience as we strove each year to improve the paper for readers. Students love to see their sports events covered and are delighted when their charity fundraising events are highlighted. The caption competition which we introduced a few years ago was an effort to get feedback from readers and continues to draw witty submissions from students and staff.

She added "we had Open Day and Open Morning last Friday and Saturday and the new website allows us to upload all the pictures from the two days. All visitors to our Open Days will now be able to log on to the website and see if they can catch sight of themselves. Second level students considering DkIT as their first choice can log onto the website regularly to keep abreast of campus happenings and gain perhaps a sense of what it is like to be a student in DkIT"

Finally going forward as the politicians would say, Angela and the DkITimes team hope to further develop the website allowing contributors to upload their content into a storage area on the site where it will be stored for editing and formatting. This planned change will allow the website to be dynamic and the content to be updated daily thereby making the paper always up to date with the latest news.