New Erasmus Students Arrive At DkIT

Mailys Maytraud

A large contingent of Erasmus students arrived at the Institute in September from 10 European countries. Many of them are from countries with which DkIT has long-standing Erasmus links, including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Finland, and others have been arriving from newer partner colleges in Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and Estonia.

The students are on a range of programmes at DkIT, including Business, PR, Music, Social Care, Creative Media, Hospitality, Engineering and Computing.

Annika Volmer from a new Hospitality partner college in Denmark is studying Event Management here for one semester.

“The Degree in Event Management at DkIT was one of the more interesting courses I found when I looked on-line. I always wanted to go to Ireland, and so far, my expectations have been met, despite the September Irish weather!”

Mailys Maytraud from Annecy in France first came to Ireland on a family holiday to Galway when she was 15.

“I had such good impressions of Ireland from that time, and always wanted to return. I’m here for one semester and so far, I’m struck by the friendliness of the Dundalk students, and so far the course is a good match for what I’m doing in France.”

Gokhan Sirin from Giessen, Germany chose DkIT’s Business Studies programme, along with a group of students from his class.

“The chance to develop my English Language skills for Business was a big factor in coming here to Dundalk. I’m living with other German students off-campus, but there are great opportunities to socialise with Erasmus students from all over Europe here at Dundalk.”

Erasmus Welcome Days

The students participated in a 2-day Erasmus Orientation programme organised by the International Office. As well as meeting academic departments and student services at DkIT, the students were also joined by the DkIT Student Ambassadors who have just returned from an Erasmus year abroad.

As part of the Orientation programme, the group enjoyed a coach tour to the Newry Mourne region, sponsored by the Mourne View Hall accommodation, which provided all the new Erasmus students and students from Singapore and China to get to know one another. 

Wishing to Do Study Abroad or Work Placement in Europe?

Anyone wishing to do study or work placement as part of their programme– for between 3 months and 1 year - should contact the DkIT International Office for further details. DkIT has 60 partner colleges throughout Europe. The International Office will assist you with selecting an appropriate partner college, and with all aspects of the study/placement abroad process. Applications can also be made for a mobility allowance (existing grant entitlements are not affected).

The benefits to studying and doing work placement abroad are enormous! DkIT students who did an Erasmus year in the past fondly remember it as one of the best times of their life!

You get the chance to experience life in a new country, meet students from all over the world, learn a new language if you choose, acquire new academic skills, and ultimately gain a more rounded qualification.

Download the Erasmus Brochure here.

For Further Details Contact the International Office:

DkIT International Office

Student Services Building (upstairs)

Room F215.