Kathleen Lynch TD in DkIT to Open Ageing and the Environment Conference

Kathleeh Lynch TD was in DkIT this week to Open the Ageing and the Environment Conference hosted by the School of Health and Science and the Netwell and Casala Research Centres.The conference brought many organisations together from the field of developing age friendly environments including the Louth Older People's Forum, The Louth Age Friendly Initiative and the Netwell and Casala Research Centres. The conference provided an opportuity to showcase the work of Louth's Living Lab which develops products and services and environments for older people. 

Dr Edel Healy School of Health and Science and Myles Hackett Head of Dept of Midwifery and Health Studies welcome Kathleen Lynch TD Minister of State, Department of Health and Department of Justice to the Ageing Health and Environment: Partnerships for Excellence conference.

The Conference was also attended by the Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger, Australian Ambassador Bruce Davis, Mr. Peter Zingraf Deputy Head of Mission from the German Embassy, Mr. Kiyosawa Second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy and Mr. Yasuhiro Yamauchi Second Secretary in charge of culture and public relations of the Embassy of Japan in Ireland.  As well as attanding the Ageing and the Environment conference they were also in DkIT to visit final year Business Studies, International Management and Marketing students who have carried out market research for CASALA/Netwell as part of their "Doing Business in Emerging Markets" module. Their lecturer Fiona Oster who invited the Ambassadors said, "The students undertook research to determine the preliminary business potential for CASALA and Netwell in emerging markets. This was a task they really engaged with, especially given the recent WHO recognition that CASALA and Netwell have received. The students fully recognised that, at a minimum, their research for these cutting edge technologies and services would give them unique and valuable experience to put on their CV's. However, their work was of such a high standard that both the Swiss and Australian Ambassadors, as well as very senior representatives from the Japanese and German Embassies visited DkIT and met the students. I was incredibly proud of the them, as they not only completed very professional reports and posters, but they conducted themselves so professionally and graciously. I know they made a very positive impression on our guests!"

Conference attendees view work by final year business studies students on the theme of 'Doing Business in Emerging Markets'.

Richard Naylor discusses his research with the Head of Mission from the German Embassy Mr Peter Zingraf.

Mr Peter Zingraf with Final Year Business Studies Studies

Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger and Australian Ambassador Bruce Davies enjoying the conference.

Fiona Oster lecturer in Business Studies with Mr. Yasuhiro Yamauchi and Mr. Kiyosawa of the Japanese Embassy in Ireland.

Chair of Dundalk Town Council Marianne Butler with Ambassador Bruce Davis and Cathal Kearney Head of School of Business and Humanities

Cathal Kearney and Bruce Davis with Final Year Business Studies Students