Enterprising Student of the Year 2012

There was a great spirit of enterprise last Thursday as students battled it out for the title of 'Enterprising Student of the Year 2012'. The students nominated for this prestigious title were actively involved in DkIT Student Enterprise activities throughout the year.

On the 30th of April they were each given an envelope which contained the task and €20. For this task they were required to use the €20 to purchase up to five items, they had to add value to these five items and then sell these items within the college, with the intent of making a profit.

Students presented their stories in L2 at 3 p.m. last Thursday 3rd May and it was clear that the judges were going to have a tough decision deciding a winner and a runner-up. The participants' efforts were outstanding, very creative and well presented. But like all competitions there must be a winner and after a long deliberation among the judges Cormac Woods, a third year student of Business Studies, was crowned 'Enterprising Student of the Year 2012'. Cormac otherwise known as 'Mr. Stix – The Firestarter' purchased five pallets with his €20, broke them up into sticks, filled seven big bags and sold them within fifteen minutes outside the Whitaker Theatre last Thursday. For his efforts he was presented with a gold medal and a tablet computer.

Our runner up was Jessica O'Connor Moneley who is also a third year Business Studies student. Jessica purchased four handbags and some sewing material. She then created some beautiful designs on these handbags and sold them to her network of friends within the college. For her efforts she was presented with a silver medal and a tablet computer.

DkIT Student Enterprise would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who got involved this year, both students and staff. We look forward to your continued support next year.

This year is not over yet though. We still have one of our biggest highlights which is the 'Bright Ideas Program' and it will be running two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) this coming June. This mentored program gives students the opportunity to access the feasibility of their business ideas.

For more information or to receive an application form e-mail one of the Student Enterprise Interns:

Catherine Murray: catherine.murray1@dkit.ie

Niall McCabe: niall.mccabe@dkit.ie.

For more information on DkIT Student Enterprise visit: www.facebook.com/dkitstudententerprise