DkIT Fencing Club raised over €500 for SOSAD

DKIT Fencing Club in collaboration with Boyne Valley Fencing Club, held a fundraising event for SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters) in Scotch Hall in Drogheda on Good Friday. The fundraiser included a fencing display by the DkIT Fencing Club and collection buckets dispersed around the shopping centre informing people about SOSAD and the good work they do and about the sport of fencing, while also asking for donations.

DkIT students and Boyne Valley members worked throughout the day taking it in turns between the fencing display and gathering donations. The fencing display included two fencers and a referee showing the sport to the public on top of a stage in the food court of Scotch Hall.

The day was enjoyed by all and a huge thank you to Scotch Hall and Boyne Valley Fencing Club is in order for their work involved in helping to organise the charity event to help raise funds for SOSAD. The day was a great success raising up to €507 euro on the day for the charity.

DkIT Fencing Commitee