Trades Sections recognised with Green Campus awards

In recognition of areas that are pioneering zero approaches to waste Green Campus awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the trades sections during Green Week.

In preparing data for our application for Green Flag status which is currently underway, we discovered through our Green Campus waste audits that the Department of Engineering Trades in particular are a savvy bunch of resourceful people. Due to an inherent ethos of "waste not want not", unspoken rules of the waste hierarchy are followed core values.

For example in the Mechanical Engineering Workshops Pairic Duffy described to us in detail the actions they have taken:

1) Minimum material is bought into the workshop to begin with. Requirements are set out for the year based on student numbers.

2) The projects are meticulously designed to take into the material use i.e. maximum worth out of each sheet of metal bought in. E.g. dimensions for a toolbox project have been changed to take into account the metre lengths of steel sheets used. 350mm has been changed to 333mm to allow for three cuts as opposed to the previous two from one single sheet.

3) Students are actively encouraged to firstly save off cuts in several bins dotted around the workshop and secondly they are actively encouraged to reuse the saved off cuts in further projects.

4) Facilities for the smelting of smaller projects such as gears or plaques are provided to facilitate reuse of material. Salvaged material is also used when possible and all projects are dismantled and reused several times until it no longer feasible to reuse the material.

Pairic Duffy of the Mechanical Engineering Workshops receiving his certificate in recognition of their approaches to waste from Sorcha Brophy Waste and Recycling Coordinator, Green Campus.

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