DkIT Enterprising Student of the Year 2012

It is nearly the end of the college year and DkIT Student Enterprise has launched a new initiative to end the year in a bang! There has been massive involvement from students of all faculties in Student Enterprise activities this year so as a way of gratitude Student Enterprise will be crowning a "DkIT Enterprising Student of the Year 2012".

Due to the high standard of involvement this year there will be a fight to the finish line in order to be crowned "DkIT Enterprising Student of the Year 2012". Seven students were picked by our board of management who will battle it out in one final task. The students involved include:

Christopher Goslin (Masters of Business Studies)

Cormac Woods (Business Studies Year 3)

David Mc Quaid (Software Development Year 2)

Eoin Healy (Software Development Year 2)

Jessica Monoley (Business Studies Year 3)

Sean McArdle (Masters of Business Studies)

Zara Atherton (Masters of Business Studies)

All the students involved were given the same task on Friday 20

th of April and were given 2 weeks to complete the task as an individual. They have until Thursday 3rd of May to work on their task and then they must present their story to a panel of judges in L5 at 15.00. The winner will be crowned "DkIT Enterprising Student of the Year 2012" and the runner up will also receive a prize.

This is sure to be an exciting event with all students and staff welcome to attend the final.

For more information please contact Catherine Murray Student Enterprise Intern at or Niall McCabe Student Enterprise Intern at

For more information on DkIT Student Enterprise visit