David Branigan and Benny Traynor win Student Union Elections

Congratulations to David Branagan and Benny Traynor who were elected as President & Vice-President respectively. We would like to thank all the candidates for their campaigns that went in a good spirit, thanks to Niamh, Eoin and David McQ and we wish them all well and also David and Benny for the coming year.

Many thanks to the staff who helped to ensure the smooth running of the election. Thanks also to outgoing president James Clarke for his work to date as he returns to his studies after two years in office.

The final results were:


Total valid poll 1380
Quota 691
David Branagan 1071
David McQuaid 309

Spoiled votes 13


Total valid poll 1397
Quota 699
Niamh Barrett 533
Eoin Healy 103
Brendan Traynor 761

Spoiled votes 2