The Water Challenge 2012

To mark UN World Water Day (22nd March 2012) DkIT Student Enterprise and the Water is Life programme at DkIT collaborated and organised an exciting competition for the Science and Health students.

The competition consisted of three main tasks (a questionnaire, a 10 litres water challenge and a social entrepreneurship project). The competition started on Monday 12th of March with sign up taking place in two designated points the Nursing Building café and outside the Coffee Dock in the Science Department. The deadline for this task was at 4 pm on Tuesday 13th of March and from all the entries 16 teams were selected for the second task, the 10 litres water challenge. The teams were required to live on 10 litres of water for 24 hours and they had to make a video diary. Filming of this video diary took place in the Nursing building. The submission time for this task was at 3pm on Tuesday 20th of March, where the semi-finalists presented their results to a panel of judges. From this semi-final four teams were chosen for the final task. For the final task the teams had asked to develop a creative innovative idea or a solution that could help people in the developing world. Each team had to present their ideas at 9am Thursday 22nd of March to the panel of judges.

The final four teams were:

1) "Vikki's Vikings": Vicky Veerkamp and Brian Carpenter

2) "Wolfpack": Ciaran Clancy and Gerard Corcoran

3) "Save water, drink beer": Laura Holland and Michael Farrell

4) "Psychadelic": Jonathan Martin and Jennifer Maguire

The judges then selected the winning team "Vikki's Vikings" and the runners up were team "Wolfpack", these two teams were awarded with a tablet computers each. The awarding ceremony took place at 2.30 on Thursday 22nd of March in the nursing building. Denis Cummins presented the prizes to the winning students.

DkIT Student Enterprise would like to thank all students who participated in "The Water Challenge 2012", and we would also like to thank judges, the lectures and students.

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