Positive Mental Health Week

Fit 4 Life launched its Positive Mental Health Week on Tuesday 13th March 2012 Mental issues are often stigmatized and individuals are wary about talking about their problems. For our Fit 4 Life Positive Mental Health Awareness Week we hope to address some of the issues.

We also had a smoking hypnotist, Karl Curtis, in on Tuesday to meet with our smoking cessation group. He was fully booked in Health Awareness week so we booked him for this week instead as we wanted to give our group the best chance of quitting for good. The session was very successful and the group found his methods very beneficial.

On Wednesday 14th of March we held a Remembrance Service in the Library Garden to remember loved ones who have passed away, either recently or in the past. The service was led by FR. Clement Mc Manus in which he recited prayers of remembrance for those close to us. We released white balloons at the service which had the names of those who have passed on them. It was a very moving ceremony and it helped a lot of people accept their loss.

Also on we had the re-launch of "My Mind Matters" which is a online counselling and resource service for students at DkIT, supporting students wellbeing and promoted "Pro Youth", this is an organisation that supports students that struggle with their body image or have a difficult relationship with food, it is a free anonymous service that is available to all college students in Ireland.

On Thursday the 15th of March we had a "Hug a Panda Day" the aim was to cheer people up with a free hug. The event went really well and lots of students and staff got involved. We also promoted PleaseTalk.ie on the day by handing out badges and leaflets. PleaseTalk.ie urges students to understand that talking is a strength not a weakness, and if you are experiencing problems while at college, there are people there who you can talk to.

We had planned to do Laughter yoga but due to a lack of numbers unfortunately, we have postponed this until a later date. So watch this space!

The Fit 4 Life Committee would like to thank everyone for their support during the week. Please come out to support our final week - Physical Activity Week, w/c 19th March 2012