Stephen McManus Retires

Stephen McManus retired on 29 February last and to mark the occasion staff from all sections of the college gathered to wish him well at Byrnes the following Friday 2 March. Among those present were Margaret, his wife, and family members who travelled from Dublin for the occasion. Ann Campbell, the new Registrar at the college welcomed Stephen and all who joined him at Byrnes. Stephen took on the newly created position of Registrar in 1994 following the Regional Technical Colleges (Amendment) Act 1994. He is the last of those Registrars from that era around the country to retire.

His combined service both at Carlow RTC and DKIT stands at over forty years. Ann outlined Stephen's contribution to the college and to academic matters. Many of the procedures and workings of the Academic Council that we now take for granted were set in train by Stephen. She spoke warmly of having worked with Stephen and mentioned how he led the development in the recruitment of International students to the college especially from China. Stephen was also instrumental in the development of the Cultural Studies course. That section later evolved into the Humanities Department. Denis Cummins also paid tribute to Stephen's work and also recalled a humorous meeting with Stephen where a map of the world was taken out and Stephen suggested that he himself would look after China! Stephen's interest in Physics, Philosophy, Politics, Culture and Travel were also recalled. Margaret was presented with flowers and Stephen with a bronze reproduction of Rodin's Le Penseur.

It was Stephen's turn to say a few words, he thanked everyone for coming and alluded to a conversation he had recently with another colleague. In terms of pensions he suggested it was the 'golden era' and appreciated that conditions may not be as good in coming generations. He appreciated that he was in a fortunate position. There were some humorous stories from his time at UCD and he spoke in gratitude for his time at DKIT. There were also many retired colleagues who came back to wish Stephen well. Stephen grew up in Dublin and attended UCD, Murt Ó Seaghdha a member of staff attended UCD at the same time.

Stephen got his interest in politics from his grandfather who stood for the Socialist Party. He was a friend of Larkin's and a colleague of James Connolly so it is easy to understand Stephen's political interests. The previous week Stephen attended his last Academic Council meeting which was a joint meeting of the old and the new Council. The single item on the agenda was retention which was a particular concern of Stephens. He spoke of the work of the Council and thanked the members for their good wishes; his words received a warm applause. We wish Stephen well in his retirement.