Failure does not compute

A team from DkIT has won the Robocode competition for the second year running, beating a team from DIT in the final 7-0 with their robot "Jeffery".

It was an early start for the team of Aaron Conroy, Matthew Walsh and Stephen Farnan to get to Limerick Institute of Technology's Thurles campus for the Robocode Championship. The competition kicked off just after half past ten, with the colleges being separated into two tables. The first match pitted Dundalk's robot "Jeffrey" against Dublin Institute of Technology's (DIT) robot. The rules are simple, beat the other robot through aggression and survivability. The first robot to win three matches wins the round. DIT delivers a 3-0 hammering to DkIT. But wait, not is all as it seems! The administrators of the tournament have added the wrong file as DkIT's robot. Soon, all is corrected and the battle restarts afresh. This time it is Jeffrey who wins with an easy 3-0 victory.

The next two matches come just as easily as the first for Jeffrey, beating the robots from Limerick IT and Griffith College Dublin with a 3-0 victory over both robots. Meanwhile in the second qualifying group, the University of Limerick robot "Beelzebot" is demolishing the rest of the field with ease. In our 4th match, DkIT hit our first problem. This is in the form of a robot from Letterkenny IT. This match came down to the wire. Dundalk loses by a scoreline of 3-2 in favour of Letterkenny. Jeffrey's 5th match saw Jeffrey return to his winning ways, with another comfortable 3-0 win over Dun Laoghaire.

DkIT qualified for the semi-finals as winners of their qualifying group. In the semi-final, DkIT squared off against the second place of table 2, Carlow IT. Dundalk's "Jeffrey" started off slowly, conceding an early lead to Carlow. This makes for a tense match, until, true to form, Jeffrey came roaring out of the blocks in the next three rounds, to claim an outright win of 5-2. DkIT had progressed into the final.

The second semi-final match begins, with a crowd almost expectant of a University of Limerick win against DIT. However, the match is much closer than expected with each robot matching the other hit for hit. The match reached a score of 4-4 and a final round to determine the winner. Next kill is the winner! DIT pulls out a major upset over the Limerick robot, coming out on top in a nail-biting match, sending DIT through to the final!

So now it all ends as it began, with DkIT facing DIT. Looking back at the first match and the 3-0 win from Dundalk's "Jeffrey", they seem the favourites to win. The match takes place over 7 rounds, a longer format with more room for change in the score-line. The match is over quickly. Jeffery crushes DIT's robot once again. The final score is 7-0.

This is the second year in a row that Dundalk have won the Robocode competition. DkIT are the first team to win the title twice. They take home the awards, the prizes and most importantly, the glory. Later, the team are asked why they named their robot Jeffrey, they simply replied, "Who in the world would be scared of a Jeffrey?".