Rebuilding Communities for Lasting Change

In association with Trocaire, DkIT Green Week is delighted to host a lecture by Jonathan Odur, a Trócaire partner from Uganda. Jonathan is the Deputy Executive Director of Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD), a local Non- Governmental Organisation working in Northern Uganda.

Jonathan' Odur's organisation has supported over 5000 Extremely Vulnerable Households in Lango sub region in Northern Uganda regain their rights and enjoy better livelihoods through FAPAD Livelihood and Socioeconomic programmes. Mr. Odur has been at the forefront of advocating for improvement in Government funding for rebuilding the livelihoods of people in Northern Uganda especially in Agriculture and equitable distribution of resources.

Trócaire is telling the story of the community of Bar Kawach, in northern Uganda. Theirs is a unique story of great change and accomplishments in the face of much adversity, including war and devastation. Trócaire has been working with the community of Bar Kawach, helping them return home after conflict, and overcoming the struggles they face as they begin to rebuild their lives, families, livelihoods and community.

In today's world 925 million people go hungry every day. The UN is developing a plan to ensure the world and its growing population will have enough food to eat. But 75% of the worlds poor people depend on agriculture for their survival, so small scale farmers are vital to the success of this plan. Trocaire's request for this year Lent Campaign is that the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney TD, recognises that small-scale farmers are the key to feeding the world's hungry people and prioritises them when Ireland makes its submission to the UN plan in April this year.

Venue: Syndicate Room, Whitaker Building, DkIT

14th March 2012

1.00 pm

This is one of a number of events taking place during Green Week in DkIT. Other activities include:

A Green Tour on Friday 16th March(please book by contacting

A planting in conjunction with ReHab Care/Simon Growing Group on 15th of March

A screening of the movie Home on 14th March

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