Fit 4 Life Addictions Week

This week's events included 'Beat the Habit Challenge', the Beer Goggles Challenge and Smoking Cessation Talk.

Addictions Week began on Tuesday 28th February, Fit 4 Life's aim for Addictions Week was to inform both staff and students of the risks associated with smoking, drinking drugs and gambling. On Tuesday we held our 'Beat the Habit' challenge, which entailed an inflatable arena with Gladiator costumes. The aim of the challenge was for two people, with one person dressed in a cigarette costume, to beat each other with inflatable batons - therefore one person trying to BEAT THE HABIT. The Fit 4 Life Smoking Cessation participants, who are in their third week of not smoking, literally fought against a life size cigarette in our Gladiator Ring. By defeating the cigarette in the ring we hope that it will give them the confidence to continue on their path and give up for good. Everyone was welcome to take part in the challenge including staff and students. We also continued with our raffle in aid of the Irish Cancer Society from the previous week and those who took part in the challenge were given the opportunity to be entered into the draw. The day was a great success with alot of students participating and having fun.

On Wednesday 29th February, we held a Fit 4 Life 'Beer Goggles Challenge' outside the college canteen. We designed an obstacle course, where students and staff had to complete a number of challenges including filling cups with water and weaving through cones. However, whilst undertaking the challenge they were also wearing beer goggles. The beer goggles give the illusion that you are under the influence of alcohol and can make simple tasks become difficult. This task gave staff and students an idea of how alcohol can affect you, and with it coming to the run up to RAG Week, we hope this message will carry through. On the day we also had a stand with information leaflets, including smoking and alcohol awareness leaflets. The day was a great success, with great support from the DkIT staff and students.

On Thursday 1st March, we had organised for the HSE Smoking Cessation Officer to hold a Smoking Cessation Talk, informing students on the dangers of smoking, the benefits of quitting and some tips on how to quit. There was also a carbon monoxide monitor for people to check their CO levels, information packs were available and also a Jar of Tar to show people how much tar is in their lungs if they smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day. The talk was very informative with great attendance. Hopefully this will help others to Kick the Habit.

I would like to thank the Fit 4 Life Committee, Students Union, and the HSE for their support and effort for our Fit 4 Life Addictions Week. Hopefully with all the events that took place this week that it will give students and staff a greater awareness of the risks involved with any addiction.

Ciara Patterson