DkIT Celebrates Green Week

Green Week kicks off in DkIT on Mon next the 12th of March with the launch of the week by Student Union President and Vice President James Clarke and David Branagan. The week is designed by the Green Flag Group on campus and focuses this year on waste and re-use.

With that I mind the 13th of March will focus on cups in DkIT. Users of the College Canteens use about 8,900 paper cups each week. While made of recycled materials these cups cannot be recycled. The reduction of this waste and the search for alternatives to these paper cups is an action area identified by the Green Flag Group. On Tuesday there will be an opportunity to test out some alternatives to the current cups and new uses for the cups will also be highlighted.

On Wed there will be a lecture sponsored by Trocaire on the impacts of climate change on small farmers in Uganda and examples of local resilience in the face of these challenges. The College will also host a screening of the movie Home.

On Thursday continuing the re-use there will be a swop shop for clothes where new treasures can be added to your wardrobe.

The College is also planning a planting, with the help of the Simon/Rehab Care Garden Group.

Thursday has been declared Car Free Day, so the Green Flag Group are hoping that people will opt for the carefree route by walking, cycling or taking the bus to College.

On Friday the College is offering a Green Tour.

Further information can be obtained from The Green Campus Team ( or at