Fit 4 Life Health Awareness Week

Pink & Blue Day, Bake Sale and Shave or Dye, are some of the events that ran during our Health Awareness Week

Our primary aim for the Fit 4 Life Health Awareness Week, is to inform both staff and students about the impacts their lifestyles can have on their health and hopefully help them to swap those bad habits for better ones.

On Monday 20th February, we starting sending out a Health Tip of the Day, placing the tips on the screens around campus.e.g. Begin your day with Breakfast or Snack Smart. On Wednesday 22nd February, Fit 4 Life hosted a Pink or Blue Day; in order to support Irish Cancer Society. Pink also to represent Breast Cancer and Blue to represent Prostate Cancer. Students were given the opportunity to donate €2 to have their hair sprayed either pink or blue in order to support the cause. The event was run in conjunction with DkIT Airsoft Society, who were participating in Today FM Shave or Dye.

In addition to the Pink or Blue Day, a Bake Sale was held outside the MPC, which was a huge success, even though it was the first day of Lent, staff and students still showed their support by purchasing a variety of our sweet options. There was also a raffle, with prizes such as Rag Week Tickets and Sports & Societies jacket up for grabs.

During this event the Fit 4 Life Health Promotion placement students conducted health checks on those willing to participate, these included Blood Pressure, BMI, Hand Grip Test and the back strength test. The placement students also provided information to both the staff and students of DkIT on Cholestral, Blood Pressure and having a Healthy Heart.

All of the events have proved very popular on the day as over €315 was raised for charity, and with the Shave or Dye event still to take place, (Wednesday 29th February), then hopefully this amount will double in the coming week.

Next week will be the start of our Addictions Week, so please come and support our events which includes our greatly anticipated; Beat the Habit challenge

We would like to thank the DkIT Airsoft Society, Mary Morgan and friends and the Fit 4 Life Committee fo all their hard work and dedication to the cause this week.