DkIT Marks Fairtrade Fortnight

In 2011 DkIT was recognized as a Fairtade College. This means that catering outlets provide Fairtrade tea, coffee and at least two Fairtrade products. In order to gain this recognition Aramark Catering (Canteens), the Student Common Room and the Hospitality Dept all supported Fairtrade. The College has also passed a Fairtrade Purchasing policy.

Fairtrade aims to address income inequality and ensure fair prices for producers of a wide range of products including tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar and cotton. By providing fair prices the organization helps communities to invest in the social, economic and environmental development of their communities. Annually Fairtrade agree a fair price for products with producers and guarantee that this price will be paid, when we buy a Fairtrade product we can be sure that agreed price will go to the producer.

An international survey in 2011 survey indicated that 59% of consumers believe they can make a difference in buying a Fairtrade product.. Irish, French, and South African shoppers felt the most empowered among all consumers, with around 70 percent believing that their shopping choices make a difference. The Irish also have the highest expectations of companies, as 89 percent emphasize the role of business in reducing poverty.

If you want to support Fairtrade you can

- choose a Fairtrade product when buying on campus

- ask for Fairtrade products to be added to existing options

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 27 February to 11 March. During the Fortnight the Canteens will have displays of Fairtrade products and a Fairtrade producer will be on campus.

Sigfredo Benitez of the Cooperative Los Pintos will talk about the impact of Fairtrade on his community on 6th March, 1 pm in the Board Room, T K Whitaker Building