Initiation of Reform in Higher Education

Dear All,

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) today published a series of papers that set out a roadmap for implementing significant reform in Irish higher education.

An objective of the measures, now published, is the creation of a more coherent system of higher education institutions, coordinated by the HEA to deliver the complementary range of institutions and academic programmes needed by individuals, society and the labour market.

Also today I received a letter from Mr Tom Boland, CEO of the HEA asking that DkIT make a submission to the HEA within six months setting out our strategic intentions as to where we wish to position ourselves in the Irish higher education systems.

In anticipation of these issues we have engaged in discussions with potential strategic partners over the past eighteen months. These include Dublin City University and our partner institutes of technology in the border, midlands and west (BMW) region and in the coming months we must decide which of these will become our primary collaboration. We have also continued to develop our relationships with international partner institutions.

Over the coming weeks members of the institute executive will meet with staff in each academic school and functional area to hear your views on these matters.

The HEA papers published today are available at and are as follows:

1. Towards a Future Higher Education Landscape

2. Process and Criteria for Designation as a Technological University

3. Guidelines on Regional Clusters

Denis Cummins