Louth conservation volunteering day - get involved!

You are cordially invited to take part in the second Louth conservation volunteering day on Saturday 4th February 2012. This will take place at the same place as the first working party (last October), in Townley Hall Forest Park in the lovely Boyne Valley, just to the west of Drogheda and the motorway. We will be cutting back alien invasive species (cherry laurel and rhododendron) to allow the natural woodland to regenerate in this lovely recreational area, which is part of a European Special Area of Conservation.

The Dublin conservation volunteers will be coming along again to give us a hand and to show us how to do it and make sure we do it safely. Please let me know if you will join us on the day. We will meet in the car park at Townley Hall Forest Park at 11am and work through until about 3pm, so please bring lunch and a warm drink with you.Looking forward to meeting you again.

Brendan McSherry

Heritage Officer

Louth County Council

+353 42 9324 109