Do you want to be part of a life changing experience and learn to see the world differently?


APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN for the Development Perspectives 2012 Flagship Programme.

If you want to be part of a life changing experience in 'Seeing the World Differently' this year, then sign up and let your friends know too.

Development Perspectives is an Irish based development NGO that has been working over the last six years to tackle a range of development challenges (poverty, inequality, conflict, climate change) that face us at a local and global level. Our work is developed and designed in collaboration with many partners who are active in the development area.

A major pillar of our work concerns development education. We are now offering places on three editions of our eight month long development education programme. One programme will be based in the North East of Ireland, one in the North West and one in the South East/Midlands of the country.

Our workshops focus on topics such as poverty, human rights, trade, globalisation, conflict, sustainability, interculturalism, systems thinking, social change and aid. We will engage you in an experiential learning journey that aims to challenge views, opinions, knowledge and awareness of the world around us.

Applicants must be over 18yrs.

Closing Date for applications: Friday the 24th of Feb 2012.

Our programme is designed around three separate stages

1. Pre – departure: Three weekend long workshops (Saturday and Sunday) will be held between late April and early June 2012.
The pre departure phase will focus on an exploration of the concept of development and preparation for the 3-week overseas study/ work placement.

2. Overseas Phase: In 2012, we will be working with our Global South Partners in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.
The overseas phase of the 3 editions will take place over three weeks. The dates will be set to take place between the end of June and mid August. This phase of the programme will consist of a practical work project, work in schools and workshops that will continue the learning process. This phase of the programme will provide an opportunity to experience the lifestyle, culture, political and economical reality of a Global South country.

3. Post - overseas phase: Involves 3 weekend workshops (Saturday and Sunday) between early September and early November 2012 (Dates yet to be confirmed). The focus will be on becoming active within the area of development with a view to engaging more people in Ireland and abroad in development issues. Interactive development education exhibitions will take place in Drogheda, Dundalk, Sligo, Galway, Wexford and Waterford as part of the final phase.

The workshops
A range of education and training techniques and approaches will be utilised throughout the programme to ensure that everyone is engaged, interested, has fun and learns as much as possible.

Participants Profile:
Participants should have some basic knowledge and/or experience of development education
They should also have a desire and willingness to participate in a range of development education/campaigning/advocacy issues upon completion of the programme.
Participants must be able to attend and participate in the the full duration of the training course and have a committment to facilitating/organising/sharing some of your experiences to a wide audience on your return

Financial Considerations
All programme costs, accommodation, food and internal travel costs will be met by Development Perspectives.
All international travel costs, insurance and medical costs to be met by the Participant. To secure your place on the programme a non refundable payment of 100 euro is required in March 2012. Fundraising revenue (900 euro payable to Development Perspectives before you leave for the overseas phase) towards the overall cost of the project is also required.

General Information and Contact Details
Bobby McCormack on 0870536622 or email
Deborah Conlon on 0877631412 or email
Check out for further info or you can join our facebook page