Avoca Room in the Library

In December the Library formally named one of its' Group Study Rooms as the Avoca Room. The title Avoca was suggested as this room is dedicated to the memory of Frances McKenna who worked in the Library of Dundalk Institute of Technology for over 20 years. Frances lived and grew up in Avoca Road, London. Frances was the first professional Librarian employed by the then Regional Technical College in 1973 and for many years edited and produced The Irish Business Index along with being Acquisitions Librarian.

The Avoca Room is used daily by learners who need a study space where they can work with others. The five Group Study Rooms in the Library are used heavily, especially when assignment work and exams are looming. This year we also opened up the Information Literacy Training Room in November and in January for study use as the demand for library space increased. With a ratio of Student: Seat now at 10:1 many readers are unable to find a study place at busy periods such as late October, November and early January this academic year. Overall usage of the Library space based on headcounts of people physically in the space increased by 50% last year.