“Bringing it all Back Home? Debt Crises - from the Global South to Europe”

Date: 30th November 2011

Title: “Bringing it all Back Home?  Debt Crises - from the Global South to Europe”

Speaker: Dr. Andy Storey, Lecturer at the Centre for Development Studies, School of Politics, UCD

Description of event:

The talk will focus on the structural similarities between debt crises and austerity programmes that have been experienced throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America since the 1980s and those currently assailing peripheral European states. What lessons Europeans might learn from wider global trends will be addressed, with particular reference to strategies for resistance against debt and austerity that have been successfully deployed in the Global South and from which European social movements could draw inspiration. 
Dr Andy Storey is a lecturer at the Centre for Development Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin, and chairperson of the NGO Action from Ireland (Afri).  He has written extensively on issues such as trade and development, the political economy of the EU and, most recently, the debt crises in Ireland and in the Eurozone more generally.

All are welcome!   Time: 1pm  Venue: Dundalk Institute of Technology,NursingBuilding (N122)

For further information contact: Arleen Folan, E-mail: arleen.folan@dkit.ie,  http://www.dkit.ie/waterislife/